Thursday, July 31, 2008

The silver footed blorks of North Arkiti

The silver footed blorks of North Arkiti
Are the most expensive animals in space.
Hunting was abolished by a treaty
But their flesh is so mouth-wateringly meaty
That incidents of poaching still take place.

Its wool is prized in fashionable society
From Cundra to the asteroids of Zong.
It should not be cut off with impropriety,
But harvested with reverence and piety
To make sure it’s replenished thick and strong.

Its milk has been described as golden nectar,
Elixir of the gods, Arkitians claim.
The firm’s all-powerful managing director
Is the wealthiest food magnate in the sector,
Built upon the blork milk’s far-flung fame.

Racing draws an audience of billions,
With omnivision rights now through the roof.
Not only have blorks legend’ry resilience
And leap the fences with athletic brilliance,
But also they possess great speed of hoof.

Yes the silver-footed blork’s a wondrous mammal,
Reaching up to fifteen menzines tall
Withstanding drought much better than a camel,
With shiny antlers of high-grade enamel,
It is perhaps the finest of them all.

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