Thursday, July 31, 2008

The breakthrough

The galaxies all spiral round in space,
Some outside our telescopic vision.
Some have disappeared without a trace,
Imploding with a natural precision.

Once we thought that’s all there ever was –
Matter merely in our own dimension.
Partial understanding though, because
The concept was too great for comprehension.

But since Littbarski’s stunning revelations
‘Bout different universes, different spaces,
We’ve filled the blanks in our imaginations,
Viewed things from an omnipresent basis.

Sleep and dreams, telepathy and karma,
Miracles, coincidence and thought,
The powers of the shaman and the lama,
All revealed at once in one report.

We’re only at the start of understanding
How every space can interact with ours,
But now the breakthrough’s come, we’ll be demanding
Total exploration of these powers.

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