Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eternal Flight

The plane was about to begin its descent,
When the earth gave a pop, and then vanished.
The pilot looked round and his eyes quickly went
Onto the control that he brandished.

With muchos suspicion, he looked up and down,
As if something was trying to throw him,
But no runway, no airport, no village, no town
Appeared up above or below him.

He took down the speaker and said, “Please don’t panic,
But there’s something extremely weird.
Whether it’s heavenly, whether satanic,
Our dear old earth’s disappeared.”

The passengers let out a massive great cheer,
For many were due back in work.
They showed no confusion, or panic, or fear,
And none of the crew went berserk.

The pilot came sheepishly out of the cabin,
But nobody thought he was rash.
As he said, when a man in a hat started gabbin’,
There was no earth on which they could crash.

So they joyfully wheeled out the duty free trolley,
And drank to the health of the plane.
And they all got incredibly merry and jolly,
And they never were heard of again.

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