Thursday, July 31, 2008


The universe is rapidly expanding,
Shooting out from one small central point.
Its at the boundaries of understanding.
All time, it seems, is grossly out of joint.

From any point in space, all universes
Accelerate away at rising speeds.
And as all matter there-within disperses,
Einstein’s Law of Time then supercedes.

The night sky stars will gradually grow fainter,
As they accelerate throughout the void.
Our views of space will doubtless grow much quainter,
Our thinking, though, will stay quite humanoid.

One day other stars will be so distant,
‘Twill be just like the start of all creation.
The blackness of the sky will be persistent,
We’ll believe we live in isolation

The darkness all around us will be total,
Save for our own lunar pantomime.
Tales of stars will just be anecdotal,
Lost among the memories of time.

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