Thursday, July 31, 2008

Accident or Design?

At the anti-matter fact’ry, things were humming.
Another cargo load of waste was coming.
‘Twas landfill gathered from the Planet Zatta
To b4converted into anti-matter.

The factory was somewhat controversial
A Government decision, not commercial.
Each planet in the sector was consulted
And a blueprint for the factory resulted.

But though all said the factory was needed,
For quandules its construction was impeded.
For though most of the planets could absorb it,
No-one wanted it within their orbit.

At last, through tax incentives and some bribery
(Five per cent and a new galactic library)
Planet Gray officials were instructed
To make sure that the fact’ry was constructed.

At the cutting edge of anti-matter,
And despite the growing nationalistic chatter,
Landfill waste was clinically converted,
With very little energy exerted.

Historians can’t figure out for certain
Exactly what sparked off the final curtain.
We know the cargo ship from Planet Zatta
Crashed into a vat of anti-matter.

Did the pilot have a sudden seizure?
An onset of mechanical amnesia?
Or was the dreadful act a lot more sinister,
One which took a martyr to administer?

All that’s known is most of Sector Seven
Was blown to smithereens and went to heaven
In less time than it’s possible to say
“I told you” in the tongue of Planet Gray.

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