Thursday, July 31, 2008

The circle of life

Humans never figured how to travel,
So stayed within their tiny solar system.
The physics were too tangled to unravel
And though they had the clues, alas! they missed ‘em.

Without the means to garner fresh resources,
Technology could make no further gains.
People turned again to gats and horses,
Tethered to abandoned cars and trains.

Closer to the sun, dense vegetation
Dried and withered in the seering heat.
Disease and famine smote the population.
Animals were wiped out for their meat.

Hunting food, the world became nomadic,
Sleeping under cliffs or in small caves.
Tribes became aggressive, yet sporadic,
Wand’ring o’er a million billion graves.

In the desert, ape-men slowly dwindled
And gradually slunk back into the sea,
Waiting for the fire to be rekindled,
Waiting for someone to turn the key

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