Thursday, August 7, 2008


This world was like a tomb sent idly spinning,
Frozen as it slipped its sun’s frayed rope.
So it had been once in the beginning,
But then the new-formed sun engendered hope.

Despite his thermal spacesuit, Rajic shivered
And wished the dying sun were not so grey.
He knew that he was being lily-livered
But boy, he missed the gentle warmth of day.

Beside him, Saganaki’s space-wand trembled
And shot a beam of pure white light through space.
Rajic thought his partner’s mouth resembled
The letter ‘O’ writ white upon his face.

“No energy exists where all is frozen,”
Said Saganaki, quoting schoolbook text.
“But where’s it been transferred? God! Just supposin’…”
He stopped, afraid of what would happen next.

“Mental energy! Of course!” yelled Rajic.
“Matter reconstructed as pure thought!”
Too late! They were consumed as if by magic,
As the planet feasted well on astronaut.