Thursday, July 31, 2008

Breaking news

Breaking news is coming out of NASA,
It’s brought the world of science to its knees.
It may be hard to think of something crasser,
But the moon is made entirely of green cheese.

Years of analysing lunar samples
Confirmed the dairy content at the core.
The breaking news now mercilessly tramples
Over all the theories heretofore.

Astronomers are said to be uneasy
About the content of celestial spheres.
A theory once considered to be cheesey
Has now usurped their thinking, it appears.

Astro-physicists are very wary
But can’t deny the data now produced.
Big Bang has been followed by Big Dairy,
The chickens, seemingly come home to roost.

A little bit like Roquefort, said a spokesman,
Drizzled with the seeds of pomegranates.
The news of the discovery should coax Man
To further exploration of the planets.

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