Monday, April 11, 2011

An equanimity of being

And so I wait
to meet my fate
amid the ears of corn.
The deep blue sky
seems very high
upon this tragic morn.
No gentle breeze
stirs distant trees –
the stillness is complete.
I’m all alone
with all I own
within this field of wheat.

There’s not a cloud
to be my shroud –
the sun shines warm and bright.
To reminisce
on days like this
would be a false delight.
I turn my head
and watch instead
an ant explore my arm.
Not long to wait,
he’ll share my fate
on Matt O’Driscoll’s farm.

I cannot spot
the tiny dot
but know it must be nearing.
There is no doubt,
they’ve worked it out,
it should be soon appearing.
Death from the sky,
the end is nigh.
The air weighs on me quickly.
We can’t avoid
the asteroid –
at least we’ll all go quickly.

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