Monday, April 11, 2011

Thirteen ships

Thirteen ships and none came back
from Titan’s atmosphere.
They vanished deep into the black
and did not reappear.

What befell the ships and crew?
Alas, we’ve no idea.
No signal gave us half a clue
how we should move from here.

How is it that thirteen ships
can simply disappear.
The radar screen no longer blips
for reasons still unclear.

Theories on the web abound –
did Voltoids interfere?
Did they come down on marshy ground?
Or was it diarrhoea?

Were the spaceships washed away
on some magnetic weir?
Did Gozons, seeking an affray,
attack them from the rear?

Is there something most aggressive
most of us should fear?
Something precious and possessive,
destroying all things near.

The families demand we act
to find their near and dear,
although they know, in actual fact,
a search will bring small cheer.

Thirteen ships abruptly snatched
in Titan’s stratosphere.
Should number fourteen be despatched?
Who wants to volunteer?

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