Monday, April 11, 2011

Fleecing the natives

They arrived here one day
from a star far away
and announced that they wanted to trade.
They came down in New Delhi
and the world watched on telly
as the first introductions were made.

They looked like large lizards
with external gizzards
and antennae that hovered and quivered.
And we gawped at the features
of these alien creatures
or crouched behind armchairs and shivered.

Well they gave us quixonium
and a ton of vulconium
and the secret of hyperspace travel,
an elixir of youth,
a diviner of truth
and a prettily-shaped wooden gavel.

They cured all diseases
from cancer to sneezes
and gave us a tele-transporter
and a device to read minds,
some Neptunian blinds
and some shoes that could walk over water.

In return they requested
two suits, double-breasted
and woven from pure polycotton.
Then their engines ignited
and they flew off, delighted
at the wonderful bargain they’d gotten.

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