Saturday, December 5, 2009


It came through the clouds with a great sonic boom,
I watched it descend from a height.
The alien ship landed outside Macroom,
Oh God! What a wonderful sight!

The lights were all blazing, its body span round
As I sat on the gate with my friend.
I felt the earth shake as the wheels touched ground
And we both watched the ladder descend.

‘Twas like a great robot with green flashing eyes
And it held a great butterfly net.
Myself and Lucille were struck dumb with surprise –
For how long though, I find I forget.

And then came a flash and a bit of a buzz
And up through the ether we flew
And we woke to find aliens gawping at us
As exhibits in some far-off zoo.

1 comment:

chiccoreal said...

Oh I love this! I'm scared and intrigued at the same time. Dont know whether to fight or flight! Let me tell you bout my close encouter of the second kind. Not sure if it was a third kind or close second but it sure was freaky! Anyway, nowadays I do have much more than bleeps of memory lapses. Maybe that's just middle age? Enough missing time! I got enough on my plate to remember That 70's Show of UFO-ology wierdness!