Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Astravore

Oh earth, beware!
You should prepare
To cower before
The Astravore.

With fearsome scowl
And thund’rous growl,
The Astravore
Keeps wanting more.

His hungry face
Roves large through space.
How men deplore
The Astravore!

He’ll munch a sun
And when he’s done,
The Astravore
Spits out the core.

His habits make
Star systems quake.
You won’t ignore
The Astravore.

His breath is stale,
Galaxies quail.
The Astravore
Eats planets raw.

Long term schemes
And plans and dreams
Have one great flaw –
The Astravore.

He hears no plea.
You cannot flee
The Astravore
And his great jaw.

He gobbles stars
Like choc’late bars,
Then chews a straw –
The Astravore.

Stop and chat
And chew the fat?
The Astravore
Brooks no rapport.

Some fearful suns
Are building guns
To underscore
The Astravore.

But he’ll win out
Without a doubt.
The Astravore
Will relish war.

Its best, they say,
To creep away.
Discretion, or
The Astravore?

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